It was with considerable surprise and pleasure that I read your letter. May I compliment you on your very professional presentation. I have no hesitation in signing for your commission in appreciation of your skill in tracing and detection.

London, UK

Forty years after building a school in Brentwood, Essex, the Victorian brewer and philanthropist Octavius Coope gave it to the local council on condition that upon a change of use the land would revert to his family. When Essex County Council decided to move the school to larger premises Hoopers were instructed to locate Coope’s heirs. After careful research and a High Court ruling to resolve the complicated will of Octavius’ daughter, the late Alice Coope & 32 family members shared in the £800,000 cash estate.

The Brewer’s Heirs

My special thanks and appreciation for the thoroughly professional service you rendered in this complicated situation. It was only through your research I was able to locate and visit my half-brother and half-sister who, until now, had always been lost to me.

Danvers, USA

Our swiftest case, a consequence of the Reuters 1984 stock market launch, involved a value of more than £1million.

At the time Reuters was 43% owned by the Press Association – itself owned by some 40 provincial newspaper groups, three of which were not immediately identifiable.

Hoopers had six weeks to establish their claims: this meant confirming who had owned the PA shares in 1922, their next of kin and present locations.

A Lloyd’s of London underwriter benefited to the tune of six figures from the investment made by his grandfather before he emigrated to Chicago in 1892.

A Six-figure Windfall