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Deputyships and the Court of Protection

As life expectancy increases, more people lack capacity to deal with their legal and financial affairs - in such cases a Deputy is normally appointed by the Court of Protection. Sometimes a Family Tree is required if the Deputy needs to make an application for a Statutory Will.

The benefit of experience

Hoopers work with many such Deputies in both the private and public sector who value the efficient and discreet service we offer. Typically, a Deputy may not wish us to contact family members in such instances and Hoopers are experienced at working within these constraints.

Trusted by the experts

Hoopers work with numerous National Panel Deputies and members of Solicitors For The Elderly (SFE) and we take a great deal of pride in helping them manage the affairs of vulnerable people. We assisted solicitors with a high number of emergency applications when the courts were prioritising these matters during the Coronavirus lockdown.


With 100 years of probate experience, Hoopers can offer the practitioner an expert knowledge of the rules of intestacy. This leaves you free to conduct the administration, safe in the knowledge that we will swiftly identify the correct beneficiaries of an estate.

“Having worked in probate research for many years, I have been so pleased to join Hoopers as a Senior Manager. Hoopers have specialised as experts in the field of genealogy for over 100 years. As such it is a pleasure to work for such a reputable company who pride themselves as being the ethical choice of Probate Genealogists. The expertise of the staff and desire to solve the most challenging cases both in the UK and internationally speaks volumes to why Hoopers are the chosen genealogists of so many.”

Lauren Harris
Senior Manager
Free administrator search

At no cost to yourself, we can locate a statutory heir to act as administrator of an estate where the next of kin are not known. This creates a valuable opportunity for firms to gain instruction to act in the administration and helps keep fees within your practice.

Hoopers have an excellent referral rate back to the original solicitors, generally locating beneficiaries within 48 hours.

Regional managers

Hoopers has a nationwide network of friendly and highly experienced regional managers who can visit beneficiaries in person. Each has undergone bereavement training and an Enhanced DBS check.

Indemnity policies

Insuring against the possibility of any potential claims after distribution is considered to be good practice by the Law Society. Although such policies are no substitute for thorough research, they do ensure peace of mind for the administrator.

Fully regulated estate administration

Hoopers always ensure a solicitor, who would be subject to statutory regulation from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, is instructed to undertake an impartial and independent estate administration process. This is the only way to ensure the estate funds are entrusted to fully regulated professionals. An increasing number of probate genealogy companies now administer estates internally, but as our profession is not currently subject to statutory regulation, this can result in serious conflicts of interest.

Join our panel

We are always looking to expand the panel of recommended solicitors to whom we introduce clients and we will be happy to discuss how you can benefit from becoming one of them.


Hoopers offer a clear and simple fee structure to help you manage the complexities of estate administration. As STEP advises, your best option may depend on the circumstances of the particular estate.

Set fee

Hoopers can undertake research at a set rate and to an agreed budget (exclusive of disbursements and VAT), providing regular progress updates, a detailed final report upon the completion of our research and, if necessary, assistance in obtaining indemnity policies.

Hourly rate

Our proven system of regular case reports and rigorous cost-controls ensure the expenses incurred remain under your control.

Additional services
  • Obtaining vital documents worldwide
  • Estate distribution guidance
  • Will bank update
  • Worldwide bankruptcy searches
  • Will searches
  • Proof of title to property and assets.
  • Identifying the heirs of pension fund beneficiaries
  • Determining the owners of unclaimed shares
  • Nil rate band check
  • Medallion signature guarantee
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