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Quality assurance and procurement

A valued source of assistance

Hoopers has achieved ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management and ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management.

As we celebrate our centenary, we are able to offer the public sector a wealth of experience and expertise in family research and locating next of kin. We can reassure our referral sources of our considerate and respectful treatment of all family members we contact.

We only make direct contact with the next of kin when there is an intestate estate to be settled. The very nature of our work means our initial contact with a potential heir is frequently unexpected; the first reactions of a family member can vary from confusion and suspicion to fascination and excitement.

All Hoopers employees who engage directly with the public are highly trained and have been Enhanced DBS approved. Every member of staff is salaried and does not receive any additional commission-based incentives.

Our code of conduct is very simple: to treat family members with the utmost respect and care. When faced with breaking potentially distressing news about a deceased relative, we will whenever possible make the effort to do so in person.

When we have reason to believe an entitled person may be in some way vulnerable, we will always take steps to establish contact through other family members instead of making a direct approach. Similarly, in the event of an heir not having capability, we will identify any and all persons legally empowered to deal with their affairs, whether they be lawful attorneys, deputies or legal personal representatives.

All beneficiaries or their representatives are fully and clearly advised of the nature of our business and the service we offer them. We always point out that they have the option of seeking independent legal advice before proceeding.

Advantages of referring to more than one genealogy company

Local Authorities are regularly inundated with Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests demanding information about their procurement and selection of genealogy services. The obligation to reply to each and every request necessitates a considerable allocation of time and resources.

Many Councils refer cases to more than one firm of genealogists on a rotational basis. Hoopers endorses this approach as an effective method of responding to such FOI challenges. We would recommend that achieving the appropriate ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications should be a requirement for any company to be included in the rota. From a quality assurance point of view, the Local Authority is able to compare and contrast the performance and efficacy of each firm they refer to, and has the option to cease referrals to any company which falls short of expectations.

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