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Why Choose Hoopers?

100 years of experience

Our reputation speaks for itself.

ISO approved

We conform to the international standards for business and have achieved formal ISO approved status.

Personal visits from Enhanced DBS Checked personnel

Our highly experienced client managers or regional managers are happy to arrange to visit you in your home, or at a location of your choice.

No pushy sales tactics

None of our employees receive commission-based incentives - beneficiaries are never pressured into making a quick decision.

We obtain copies of all required birth, death and marriage certificates

We will never ask you to part with your own original copies - they are precious and irreplaceable.

Certified copies of ID obtained at our expense

Many heirs are not required to provide ID, but those who are can rest assured - we will obtain certified copies and return your original documents to you via secured, registered delivery within a maximum of one week.

Family tree verification

Combined with a highly detailed report of our research and enquiries, we ensure our findings are as complete and accurate as possible.

Fully indemnified estates

There's always a chance the unexpected might happen due to circumstances beyond our control - we take steps to guarantee once you receive your share of the estate, it's yours to keep.

Independent, impartial and expert estate administration

We always recommend highly-experienced, efficient and cost-effective professionals to administer estates. We never administer estates internally - to do so could lead to serious conflicts of interest.

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