Bella and Aleesha are Hoopers’ newest recruits within the Legal Sector. Having both graduated with degrees in Law, they joined Hoopers as Researchers through the government's Kickstart scheme. Here is what they have to say about their experiences so far...



Bella Bah, LLB Graduate                              Aleesha Pandya, LLB LPC LLM Graduate


Aleesha: “Having graduated with my LLM with LPC Leicester, I am currently undertaking the New York Bar (self-taught) alongside my full-time position at Hoopers. My drive and motivation come from my love and interest of the law.” 

Bella: "I'm currently completing my LPC with masters at the University of Law and I'm looking forward to graduating in 2023. As cliche as it may sound, my passion is people, and my dislike is injustice, so working as a Legal Genealogist at Hoopers is the perfect marriage!

I have been a long-standing advocate for the marginalised in society; consulting at Just for Kids Law and raising the voices of children in care. Noticing the impact of the pandemic on mental health in my community, I became a Mental Health Ambassador for the Borough of Croydon and at the weekends, I volunteer with Croydon Night Watch feeding the homeless."

Both: “We both had to re-evaluate our career options after discovering the lack of employment opportunities which was an unfortunate result of the Covid pandemic. It was then that we decided to enrol on the Kickstart program and came across the Hoopers Researcher roles.” 

Bella: “I had planned to do a Europe tour in 2021, however, lockdown halted my travel plans and meant that I started looking for work.”

Aleesha: “I noticed Hoopers and its connection to the Will/Probate legal fields; something which stood out to me as it is an extension of what I studied at university and for my Masters.” 


Our move to legal: 

Both: “We were initially placed within Hoopers' Public Sector which is where we gained our training. Within 4 months of being at the company, we were successful taken on and were transferred over to the Legal sector, months ahead of schedule. This was beneficial for us as it showed us that Hoopers wanted us as much as we wanted to stay!” 


Working at Hoopers:

Bella: "One of the things which I find fascinating about Hoopers is the fact that they have employees who have been with the company for decades, this demonstrates high employee satisfaction and I respect companies that value their employees.” 

Aleesha: "What I like about Hoopers is their wanting to employ a younger, different perspective to contrast well with the employees who have been here for years. It enables us to share different viewpoints on matters and learn from each other which helps us all to develop within the company." 


Where we want to be in 5 years:

Bella: "Practicing as a qualified private client and family law solicitor." 

Aleesha: "Practicing as a qualified NY lawyer in New York within the corporate field." 


The Kickstart programme has been hugely successful for Hoopers, and as we prepare to celebrate our 100th year of trading, CEO Johnathan Wright is acutely aware of the company’s need to attract fresh talent to complement its already well-established and experienced team.  


Johnathan: “We were impressed by the quality of candidates who came to our attention through the Kickstart programme, but despite the generally high standard, Bella and Aleesha undoubtedly proved to be the outstanding applicants.  They are already proving to be valued members of the Hoopers team, and we’re delighted to have them on board.” 

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