Partnering with Probate Solicitors for nearly 100 years

Fees for Solicitors

Hoopers offer a clear and simple fee structure to help you manage the complexities of estate administration.

Set Fee

Hoopers can undertake research at a set rate and to an agreed budget (exclusive of disbursements and VAT) - providing regular progress reports, a full report upon the completion of our research and, if necessary, assistance in obtaining a Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Policy.


Alternatively we undertake to trace potential beneficiaries at our own risk and expense.

When we do locate heirs we will offer to prove their claim in return for a percentage of their entitlement.

If unsuccessful we will not charge you for our services, but will still provide a fully documented report of our findings.

This costs the estate nothing, and is a good option if there is no-one to authorise expenditure from the estate, and is especially appropriate where we have to establish a complex picture from scratch.

We always explain to any potential beneficiaries that, until we have accounted for all family members, it's impossible to pinpoint how much money they may be entitled to receive.

We carry out all research at our own expense and are paid only when we trace beneficiaries, confirm their claims and they receive their entitlement.

Time-based Fee

Where appropriate, we can also investigate a case on a time basis, at a reasonable agreed rate, to be paid whatever the outcome.

Our proven system of regular case reports and rigorous cost-controls ensures the cost of this method remains under your control.